Set of 3


All three fragrances in one. Come Closer To Conquering Everyday. Come Closer, is our love fragrance. To Conquering, is our business fragrance. Everyday, is our everyday fragrance that you can use to run errands.


Come Closer: Bergamot, Turkish Rose, Iris Sandalwood.

To Conquering: Grapefruit, St. Thomas Pepper, and Oak Moss

Everyday: Grapefruit, Cardamom, Cedarwood.

Bottle Size: 75ml

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Highly recommend!

High Quality Fragrances

Been a month with these three and I’m satisfied. Price is very for these, but I understand for the quality of these products. ‘Come Closer’ & ‘To Conquering’ will definitely be your favorite fragrances, and ‘Everyday’ is light nice fragrance as well, but not as strong as the other two. If I were to recommend the best one out of the three, I’d say go for ‘Come Closer’. Overall they all smell amazing and I definitely recommend these if you’re looking for quality fragrances. Thank You Santa Lucia!!

Denny Segura
Great Product!

the best fragrance!

Danial Cameron
Santa Lucia Set of 3 Review

I purchased the set of 3 a couple of months ago and here is my honest opinion on it.

I love the fragrance smells they are so unique and are of high quality. Come Closers projection and longevity is insane and smells like Cadburys Turkish Delight. Conquering smells like it's a strong fragrance however when it's sprayed on skin its projection and longevity lacks. The smell of Conquering is something which I've never smelt before and i love how it's so unique. Everyday is the weakest in projection and longevity. It reminds me of Bleu De Chanel but has a more refined twist to it.

When I recieved the bottles they had some staining on it due to leakage. To this day Conquerings atomiser is a little loose and still leaks a little everytime I take the cap off.

The bottle size is only 75ml, I feel ripped off as I really enjoy the fragrances and for the price I'm paying when it's converted to $AUD I'm spending around $400. I really wish that they made the bottle size 100ml.

Overall the fragrances are amazing and would recommend that you at least purchase one. My favourite one being Come Closer.

Sergio Vicente

Nothing but the very best