Set of 3 - Dark Collection

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Shuvonda Clark-Wilson
Very satisfied

Very satisfied I have enjoyed this collection I truly have a cologne for every occasion whether I am working professionally or going out on a date with my husband as a woman I truly love this collection I cannot wait for you to restock so that I can try the first collection I am sure that you will not disappoint

Jason Webster
Mild and Soft

I am a person who need smell the cologne before purchasing. When I purchased the first set of the white bottle cologne without smelling them what could go wrong,because they was outstanding. So I had to purchase the dark cologne and you didn't let me down the smell is so mild not over power and soft. I enjoy wearing them on any occasions.

Rather nice and long lasting

I usually don't trust things like this but once it did come in and after using it definitely got me feeling confident and it lasted a while . With a Lil help from teaching men's fashion on how to make
it last longer I got alot of bang for my dollar. Wish I bought the first set awhile ago

NIna Smith

Set of 3 - Dark Collection

Angel Fuentes

I can’t really give it a review since I haven’t gotten my order yet.

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