Demasque Bundle - Limited Edition


Bundle includes:

  • Fragrance
  • Solid Cologne
  • Body Spray

In the realm of fragrances, where the essence captures more than just scent—it captures an aura, Demasque stands as a testament to the timeless allure of couture patterns. It's not just a fragrance; it's an infinite power of seduction, elegantly woven into the fabric of your presence. Demasque is a bold and sensual reinterpretation of the iconic woody family, designed for those who command attention without uttering a single word. Its powerful, long-lasting trail is a sophisticated journey through complexity and allure.

Top Notes: A Spicy Prelude

The journey begins with an audacious blend of Black and Pink Pepper, intertwined with the distinct sharpness of Black Pepper itself. This spicy prelude is harmoniously balanced with the balsamic and lemon-like nuances of Elemi and the additional warmth of Pink Pepper, setting the stage for a captivating experience.

Middle Notes: The Heart of Demasque

At its heart, Demasque reveals a soulful blend of Olibanum and Saffron. The mystical allure of Olibanum, with its woody, spicy, and slightly citrusy undertones, dances with the exotic richness of Saffron, creating a middle layer that's both enigmatic and profoundly inviting.

Base Notes: A Lasting Impression

The journey culminates in a base of deep, sensual warmth. Bourbon Vanilla's sweet, cozy richness envelops you, while Suede adds a smooth, velvety texture that's irresistibly touchable. Cedar wood introduces a grounding, earthy finish, creating a solid foundation that's both reassuring and compelling.

Enhanced with the modern sophistication of Ambrox DL and the velvety, woody charm of Iso E Super, Demasque is further enriched with the creamy depth of Sandalwood. These additions weave together to create a long-lasting trail that's not just remembered but yearned for.

Demasque is more than a fragrance; it's a declaration of presence, a couture pattern of seduction that wraps around you, leaving a trail of desire in your wake. It's designed for the bold, for those who don't just walk into a room but own it. With Demasque, your scent becomes your signature, a timeless emblem of your unique allure.

Embrace the power of seduction. Embrace Demasque.

Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Gregory Ruslavage

After using the product for a while the main fragrance is and smells amazing, the solid cologne is nice but doesn't last, and the body spray doesn't work to begin with. So overall 4/5.
Number: 802 of 1000

Aimee Rae
Smell is Amazing

when i first used this, i was surprised at how good this smelled, not only that, but im starting to notice their are about 3 girls that act awkward around me, including my crush. As someone else said, you get a whiff of it from time to time which boosts my confidence. So far, ive gotten 3 compliments about my smell, this was one of my proudest purchases yet

David Roberts

Very nice smell
Very satisfied

Ivan Seidel
A new and amazing experience

When I first received my package and opened it Immediately noticed that this bundle is of high quality. And I was right. Also really good presented.
Then the scent. AMAZING. When you apply one of the three products you can smell that this is something special. Because no cologne/perfume/fragrance has this exact combination of content. I rate it a 10/10
My number: 805 of 1000

Harris V Vereen
Great Fragrance

This Fragrance is worth the buy. The longevity is up to par. Throughout the day I catch whiff's of the smell as I'm out and about. The hand cream is another great addition. Wish it came with more though but overall its a great cream. Even the body spray is a plus. I recommend using that one after a good shower and after you've applied a good moisture to lock in the smell of course. The Demasque bundle is unique in it's own way. I love it and so does the ladies so that's a Win in my book.

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